We have a true passion for all things mechanical.


We are a diverse team that is made up of engineers, salesmen, gear heads, and art people! We aren't into glory or fame! We are into experiences that change our lives. We look for the challenging roads that will lead us to higher ground. Our passions define our futures, while also defining our inner drive to achieve our dreams.  


Team members


Founder, Project Manager (Driver)

Daniel May-Applegate- Is an entrepreneur, always looking to make everything he does his passion. He has years of experience, project managing in New York City, while also having years of experience 4wheeling. He is dedicated to Jeeps and loves anything that has a motor! He is responsible for maintaining project timelines and overseeing the operation and execution of projects.    


Co-founder, Marketing/Sales Manager(co-driver)

Justin Raymond- Is no stranger to cars, he has a number of years selling them as a sales Manager for one of the largest used car companies in the country! He has many years of experience working on and modifying vehicles. He is a dedicated individual that never gives up. His responsibilities entail, ensuring we are on track with budget, dealing with fundraising and sponsorship opportunities.

Mechanical Engineer

Byron Rudisill - He is a Colorado University (GO BUFFS) grad that has achieved multiple degrees, Mechanical Engineering being one of them.  He has a passion for anything that moves with a motor! He is dedicated and meticulous about quality and performance! He will be overseeing, vehicle mechanics and production. Byron's perspective on building cars is, lets do it once and lets make it the best!

Social Media/Sales Associate

Patrick Wilson- Has years of experience working with people and finding creative ways to market the things he is passionate about. He is always looking for new ways to make his projects stand out from the rest and is never short of a great idea. He will be responsible for social media, finding sponsors, and funding opportunities.

When the "Hulk" (thats the jeep) was just a baby!!

When the "Hulk" (thats the jeep) was just a baby!!

Electrical Engineer

Jeremy Nash- Is a Colorado University electrical engineer grad, with a love for cars. His expertise is in coding and his extensive knowledge of wiring and the electrical circuits makes him a valuable member of our team! His primary responsibility will be, to ensure our projects run smoothly when it comes to wiring and electrical issues.